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The Aeroteca is an experienced real business (...which also manage this website) since 1986 with more than 500 squared meters at Barcelona plenty of aeronautical items at the disposal of our clients. You can ask everything in our business hours.

Aviation books, hardware for simulators, software & addons, pilot supplies, cartography and maps, airplane scale models, kits for modellers, paints, flight simulator rentals,...

Camiseta Blitow: HOW PLANES FLY... (blanca). Talla 3/4.
15.00 euros

Curso Otoño 2017 de VUELO INSTRUMENTAL VIRTUAL en BIMOTOR (cada martes).
80.00 euros

Curso 2017/18 de SIMULADOR de BOEING 737NGV (cada jueves).
80.00 euros

Curso Otoño 2017 de INICIACION a PILOTO VIRTUAL (cada miércoles).
60.00 euros

Hélice tri-pala metálica de paso variable (radio 117 cm).
2100.00 euros

Pala de Hélice metálica de paso variable, probable de P-3 Orion (127 cm).
175.00 euros

Hélice bi-pala metálica de paso fijo, original de Cessna 172 (187 cm).
850.00 euros

Festes de Gràcia 2017 (del 15 al 21 d'Agost).
0.00 euros

Festes de Gràcia 2017: GIMCANA aeronàutica (Travesquia Sant Antoni).
0.00 euros

GRUMMAN F-14A TOMCAT VF-2 "Bounty Hunters" USS Enterprise, 1975 a 1/72.
152.00 euros

McDONNELL DOUGLAS F-4N Phantom II, VF-84, USS Roosevelt / Mount Etna 1975 a 1:72
100.00 euros

F-35A LIGHTNING II AF13-5071/HL, 34th FS, 2016 a 1/72.
102.00 euros

MiG 23MS Flogger Captain al-Masry Syrian AF "F-4E Killer" a 1/72.
110.50 euros

DOUGLAS DC8-52 EC-ARB de IBERIA a 1/200.
111.50 euros

Camiseta Blitow: LEMD CHART (azul denim) Talla XL.
21.95 euros



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