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Peso:0.2 kilogramos
Idioma:Inglés  Inglés
Catalogación:Simulación - Vuelo Virtual
Expansiones para Simuladores
Precio:32.00 euros

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In Space Shuttle Simulator take command of the Space Shuttle as you blast off into space to perform various missions such as visiting the International Space Station. With Apollo Simulator revisit history as you are taken back to the very first moon landing!

Space Shuttle Simulator:
The countdown is on. In only a few seconds you will be launched as an astronaut of the Space Shuttle into space. Experience first hand the launch and then take over the control of the shuttle in orbit and during landing. Your full concentration is required when you dock at the International Space Station ISS. Training missions for the individual flight segments are provided so you can prepare for the Columbus and Hubble missions. With the payload and mission editor, you have the ability to create your own missions.

? Launch / Orbit / Missions / re-entry into Earth's atmosphere and landing
? Docking with the International Space Station ISS
? Columbus Mission (delivery and docking of ESA to the ISS module)
? Payload and Mission Editor for creating your own missions
? Training missions for individual flight segments

Apollo Simulator:
Recreates the historic first man on the moon Apollo space mission from launch, landing on the moon and the return.

- fly complete missions (from lift-off to splash-down)
- walk on the moon like a real astronaut!
- 3D cockpits, with working 3D switches!
- discover the whole moon in 3D! (no flat surfaces!)
- original landing sites as highly detailed 3D terrain!
- EVA with 3D astronauts.



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