FROM NORTH AFRICA TO THE ARAKAN. The engrossing memoir of a WWII Spitfire Ace.

- Alan Peart was born in Nelson, New Zealand in 1922. Joining the RNZAF in 1941 he trained as a pilot in New Zealand and then embarked for the UK. After converting to fighters and operational training he flew on operations over Europe with 610 Squadron under the command of Johnny Johnson.

In November of 1942 he was transferred to 81 Squadron in North Africa and saw considerable action against the Germans in Tunisia, Malta, Sicily and Italy.

Later 81 Squadron was moved to India and Burma where Alan was again in the thick of the fighting. On one memorable, and well documented, occasion Alan was operating from Broadway, the advanced airstrip 200 miles inside Japanese held territory, when he and his CO were scrambled to intercept a large enemy force. The CO was quickly killed and Alan found himself alone in an air battle with 20+ enemy aircraft. He managed to fight off his attackers for 45 minutes before they retreated low on fuel.

He survived to become an ace and tell his remarkable story.

After the war Alan trained as an engineer and was in many of the very important large post war public works projects such as the construction of Hydro electric Dams and airport. He was later an advisory engineer and a District Commissioner of Works in NZ. where he now lives in retirement.

FROM NORTH AFRICA TO THE ARAKAN. The engrossing memoir of a WWII Spitfire Ace.

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Aan McGregor Peart
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