WARBIRDS OF WWII. (PC DVD-ROM Expansion Flight Simulator X/2004).

Fly some of WWIIs most famous fighting aircraft. The F-4U Corsair, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-38 Lightning, Mosquito and Spitfire join forces in this great value pack for Flight Simulator X and 2004.

There are two variants of each aircraft and they all come with authentic markings, high quality flight models, state-of-the-art animations and are re-created to a phenomenal level of detail.

- The ten high quality models are accompanied by many unique animations and superb textures covering a range of aircraft, along with the distinctive sounds of the different engines

- Cockpits are equipped with the latest 'Smooth' gauges and just about every switch, button and control lever operates with the mouse

- Everything is historically and technically authentic right down to the panel bolts

and brackets

- The exterior models are finely detailed with correct movement for the flaps,

radiator shutters, rudders, elevators, bomb doors and landing gear

- Many novel effects are featured, including the dropping of ordnance, smoke and

firing guns

- Extensive printed manual

WARBIRDS OF WWII. (PC DVD-ROM Expansion Flight Simulator X/2004).

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