COMET JETLINER. (Add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X & 2004).

This simulation provides an extremely accurate rendition of the DH 106 Comet 4C, the definitive Comet variant, presented here in nine liveries. The extraordinarily detailed virtual cockpit features include fully equipped pilot and co-pilot panels, an engineers station with every conceivable control, switch and gauge modelled, and a navigators station incorporating all the equipment needed for authentic navigation operations.

Among the other features which make this the ultimate simulation of this aircraft are highly accurate flight dynamics, full navigation and night lighting, hundreds of accurate external animations, and a detailed cabin area with stewardess in attendance - Comet Jetliner brings you the complete and authentic and accurate experience of flying British aviation's most iconic jetliner!

System requirements:

Flight Simulator X (SP2 and DirectX 10 preview compatible)

3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core

1.0Gb RAM

Windows 7, Vista or XP

256Mb graphics card

475MB hard drive space

COMET JETLINER. (Add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X & 2004).

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