PRIVATE PILOT KIT. BASIC 141 (En bolsa de tela)

Developed for the FAR 141 training program, the Private Pilot Part 141 Kit is chock full of all your training essentials.

The Part 141 Private Pilot Kit is developed for the FAR Part 141 training program. Created from the best of Jeppesen's training tools assisting the student pilot with all of their training needs, who are going through a Part 141 flight training school. The kit is full of the training essentials to further assist and best prepare the student pilot for the Private Pilot written, oral and practical tests.

Kit includes:

Private Pilot Textbook

Private Pilot Maneuvers Manua

Private pilot Syllabus

Private Pilot Stage Exam Booklet

Private Pilot Student Record Folder

Private Pilot Practice Test Standards

Private Pilot FAA Practical Test Study Guide

Private Pilot FAA Airmen Knowledge Test Guide

Private Pilot Pre-solo Written Exam

2010 FAR/AIM Manual

Metal CSG Computer (E6B)

PN-1 Navigation Plotter

Pilot Logbook

Student Bag.

PRIVATE PILOT KIT. BASIC 141 (En bolsa de tela)

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