HOW SAFE IS SAFE ENOUGH?. Leadership, Safety and Risk Management,

Safety is not easy, it is a full time effort, and is equally important whether people are on the job or on personal time. If an organization is serious about mission success, it must take 'risk' seriously as well. Leaders need to be involved in the risk game at every turn, and understand the key elements (discussed throughout this book) that help them to win. Winning the risk game is what safety is all about. As in operational success, risk management requires the best human faculties to achieve victory: talent of organizational players and commitment from top leadership rule the day.

The book covers leadership, safety programs, and risk management for organizations and individuals. It helps in professional development, grooming current and future leaders to understand their roles in safety and risk management. Central to the authors message are:

Seven truths of safety that the author discovered as a senior safety officer.

Four roadblocks to achieving zero mishaps that must be aggressively addressed.

Nine elements to risk reduction, with which leaders must become familiar.

He establishes the importance of an organizational leaders role in the safety/risk management game and provides the answer to, How safe is safe enough? Often, managers at various levels do not have an understanding of what goes into a safety program, this book tells them, from an expert's view. The readership includes: executives and middle management: all leaders as a professional development book and students. It is also a supplemental textbook for safety and risk management courses.

HOW SAFE IS SAFE ENOUGH?. Leadership, Safety and Risk Management,

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