Nordian ATPL EASA: POWERPLANT (Helicopter).

Nordian EASA ATPL Manual Powerplant for Helicopters is made for helicopter students aiming for the EASA examination "Aircraft General Knowledge".

You will find topics like: Piston General, Lubrication, Cooling, Ignintion, Fuel and Carburation, Fuel Injection, Engine Performance, Power Augmentation, Freewheel Devices and Clutches, Handling and Operations, Turbine Engines, Working Cycle and Efficiency, Intakes, Compressors, Combustion, Turbines, Exhaust, Engine Systems, Internal and External Bleed Air, Auxiliary Gearboxes, Starting and Ignition System, Fuel System, Gas Turnbine Lubrication, Auxiliary Power Unit, Engine Icing and Ice Protection, Engine Controls and Indications, Torque Meter and Gearbox.

Together with our books Airframes and Systems for Helicopters, Electrics and Instrumentation for Helicopters, the Powerplant for Helicopters book covers the curriculum in the Aircraft General Knowledge as required by EASA.

Nordian ATPL EASA: POWERPLANT (Helicopter).

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