Kit AK Interactive 148002: BF 109 E-1/E-3 'Over Spain' a 1:48.

The famous German Bf109 drew first blood and proved itself over Spain! AK proudly offers a historically accurate Bf 109 E-1/E-3. Build one of six versions of the aircraft that was provided by the German Army to the Nationalists of the Spanish Civil War:

1. Bf 109 E-3, 6-91, 3. J/88, Barcience, Spain, March 1939Bf.

2. Bf 109 E-3, W.Nr. 715, 6-92, flown by Lt. Gustav Rödel, 1. J/88, León, Spain, May 1939Bf.

3. Bf 109 E-3, 6-111, flown by Lt. Werner Ursinus, 2. J/88, La Cenia, Spain, early 1939.

4. Bf 109 E-1, 6-123, flown by Oblt. Hans Schmoller-Haldy, 3. J/88, León, Spain, May 1939.

5. Bf 109 E-3, 6-104, flown by Lt. Carlos Maria Rey-Stolle, Grupo 25, Logroño-Agoncillo, Spain, November 1939.

6. Bf 109 E-3, 6-126, Grupo 25, El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain, 1940.

The instructions offer multiple views of each version ensuring your finished model is a perfect 1/48 reproduction.

Also included is a 12 page booklet complete with period photographs and explanations allowing the modeler to fully understand the role that the Bf109 served during the Spanish Civil war.

Model Length: 18,9cm.

Wingspan: 20,9 cm.

Kit AK Interactive 148002: BF 109 E-1/E-3 'Over Spain' a 1:48.

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Kit AK Interactive a 1/48.
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