Kit TRUMPETER 01662: CHINESE J-11B a 1/72.

Este kit contiene 100 piezas de plástico para montar y pintar.

Una vez acabado, el modelo mide 203 mm de envergadura por 313 mm de largo.

In 1995, the Russians sold the Chinese 200 Su-27SK (NATO Codename Flanker B+) as part of a number of sales modernizing the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). Deliveries stopped after 100 when the Russians learned that Chinese engineers had reverse-engineered the design and were starting to produce their own variants of the Flanker. The designation J-11 was given to the first 100 aircraft built out of kits from Russia. The J-11A is an upgraded version of the aircraft with modern avionics.

The J-11, like the Su-27, was designed for the air superiority mission. PLAAF officials saw the potential of the Flanker airframe as a multi-role fighter and the J-11B was developed to provide the same flexibility in the air-to-ground mission as it can in the air-to-air role. Where the J-11 and J-11A are based on the Russian designs, the J-11B features a number of improvements including use of more composite structures to reduce weight.

Trumpeter strikes again with another beautiful model! Here is their 1/32 Su-27 Flanker kit scaled down and updated to also support the J-11 series. Molded in light gray styrene, the kit is presented on ten parts trees (duplicate trees not shown) plus the upper and lower fuselage halves and one tree of clear parts.

Kit TRUMPETER 01662: CHINESE J-11B a 1/72.

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Kit Trumpeter 1/72
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