TITAN IIIC with Launch Pad a 1/400.

- Modelo a escala 1/400 de gran precisión.

- Cohete realizado en metal (die-cast).

- Incluye plataforma de lanzamiento para poder mostrar fácilmente el cohete.

El primer vuelo del Titan IIIC se realizó el 18 de junio del 1965, y su último vuelo en 1982.

El Titan IIIC medía 42 metros y podía llevar hasta 13,1 toneladas de carga útil.

The Titan family of expendable rockets was extremely successful, with a total of 368 rockets launched between 1959 and 2005. One of the rockets from this family was the Titan IIIC, this being a space booster used for US Air Force (USAF) missions. This rocket built by Martin Marietta first flew on 18 June 1965, and its final flight was in 1982. The Titan IIIC was indispensable in launching large payloads into space, serving as the largest unmanned space booster until the Titan IV entered service in 1988. A 13.1-tonne payload could be sent into a low-earth orbit, or 3 tonnes could be sent into a geosynchronous transfer orbit. One of the Titan IIICs strengths was its flexibility, for it could utilize no upper stage, or one of two optional stages. This meant the 42m-long rocket could carry a variety of payloads depending on the mission.

TITAN IIIC with Launch Pad a 1/400.

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