ADVANCED SOARING MADE EASY. Revised and Extended Second Edition.

The new 2nd edition has almost twice the number of pages of the 1st edition and is printed in full color. A chapter on technical issues has been added and Bernard delves much deeper into such issues as flight analysis, psychological issues, competition flying, meteorological matters, wave flying etc. All graphics are in color and many additional spectacular and high-quality photos have been added.

Gliding is a fascinating sport and without a doubt the most peaceful, most affordable and by far the quietest form of aviation. To soar effortlessly like an eagle has been one of man's age-old yearnings and many thousands of pilots around the world today regularly experiences exactly this and enjoy the beauty, challenges and delights of this unique sport.

Gliding means flying modern machines of great beauty and elegance for hundreds of miles in total comfort and without resorting to engines. Success depends on the skill of extracting the necessary energy from the atmosphere around them. Real determination to succeed is a good starting point but good progress and full enjoyment requires some study as well. A basic theoretical knowledge is essential for success and that's what this book is all about. It not only covers all sources of energy for soaring, but it also deals with weather analysis, flight preparation, mental aspects, safety matters and competitive flying. In short, it is a first class training aid to guide pilots from local soaring to advanced cross-country flying and beyond.

Fast and exciting cross country flights are what most glider pilot dreams are made of. Others aim for high altitude lee wave flights or aspire to doing well in competitions. Sadly even to this day there is precious little literature available focusing on real practical help and assistance to the ambitious glider pilot.

Bernard Eckey, a German born record pilot, instructor and head coach of the South Australian Gliding Association (now living in Australia) has closed the gap with his new book: "Advanced Soaring Made Easy". He is encouraging pilots to move out beyond the circuit area and experience the exciting world of advanced soaring. His comprehensive work is clearly written and presented in a very attractive format.

Making the difficult transition from a solo pilot to a confident soaring pilot is what the first chapter is all about. Rather than floating around, learning very little the aspiring aviator can use the information provided and turn valuable background knowledge into essential thermalling skills. A beginner adopting this approach is likely to get on a steep learning curve and will soon enjoy the sport to the fullest. He will find a fascinating aerial world awaiting further exploration.

The second chapter deals with the important issue of soaring weather, and especially the prediction for soaring conditions for the day ahead. By using practical examples the author makes this difficult subject easily understandable and even explains numerous other relevant weather related issues such as sea breezes, convergence lines, etc.

Other chapters deal with such important topics as flight preparation, safety, off field landings, mental preparation, ridge soaring, wave flying, flying competitively and advanced cross country flying with guidelines for proven flying tactics and methods for speed improvement. The advanced cross country pilot gets advice on reducing the workload in the cockpit and even learns about aerotow retrieves, effective use of flaps, etc.

A total of 134 drawings and graphics and over 163 very attractive photos help to shed light on the various subjects. Glider pilots will find it hard not to try the many practical hints and suggestions on their next flight and further their enjoyment from this fascinating sport.

Because the author has refrained from using any jargon even pilots with a rather basic command of the English language will find the book easy reading. Pilots with an ambition to practice gliding in different parts of the world will find this book an extremely valuable source of information and a first class introduction to gliding terminology.

ADVANCED SOARING MADE EASY. Revised and Extended Second Edition.



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