AIRCREW SECURITY. A Practical Guide.

The events of 11 September 2001 changed the world, and in particular the aviation community, forever. Since then, the terrorist threat continues to dominate international air travel and pose a real and present danger to airline passengers and aircrew across the globe. In line with this, expectations of renewed commitments to aircrew security training increased, however the practical reality of the standard of information and effective training often fell short. This book aims to help redress this problem. Intended to help flight crews' deal with the new complexities they face in the skies, it is designed to inform and enlighten crewmembers on the issues posed by air rage and terrorist activities, using techniques for conflict resolution, assessment of threat, mental and physical preparation and post-incident considerations.

The culmination of work accomplished from a lifetime of employment in aviation, security and training, the authors use a progressive approach to explain security issues from a flight crewmember's perspective. Using detailed studies of current airline security practice, verified by interviews with crewmembers worldwide, the book uncovers many of the shortcomings of international aviation security and presents plausible and innovative solutions to the problems crewmembers face.

Having worked with aviation industry leaders, regulatory authorities, major airlines and flight training organizations, the authors provide a unique blend of guidance, useful to the development of security programs for crewmembers by airlines, corporations and air charter companies. Government agencies commissioned with overseeing and developing aircrew security can also use the book when seeking a better understanding of the needs of crewmembers and airlines.

Readership includes: Airline flight crewmembers (pilots, flight engineers and flight attendants): major universities and colleges with aviation programs: members of organizations such as the Airline Transport Association, International Airline Transport Association, World Airline Transport Association, Flight Safety Foundation, Pilot and Flight Attendant labor unions as well as government agencies.

AIRCREW SECURITY. A Practical Guide.



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