VRinsight V320 OVERHEAD.

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The V320 Overhead fully implements all function of the forward overhead panel of Wilco Publishing Airbus Series (Evolution) Vol.1 and A320 in Aerosoft Airbus X Extended.

To be used with Airbus Series Evolution Vol.1 (Wilco Publishing), the V320 Overhead requires two drivers :

1. Marciano's FSUIPC Exporter available from here.

2. FSUIPC registered version available from here.

The V320 Overhead features A320 modern jet-liners forward overhead panel for flight simulation software, Microsofts Flight Simulator X. The V320 Overheads hardware is made of ADIRS control, Flight control, Ground Proximity Warning System, Hydraulic Control & Fuel , Electrical control, Air Conditioning &

Pneumatic controls, Anti Ice control, Window Heat control, Lighting & APU Control, Engine start. Whereas, implemented functions are limited by aircraft type to be used. A320 in Aerosoft Airbus X Extended for Microsofts Flight Simulator X is recommended, where as many functions as are presented in real units.

Engine start will be implemented in next Aerosoft Airbus X Extended update.

About 70% scale of a real forward overhead.

Full functional inputs: 14 toggle switches, 11 Rotary switches

All switchable 56 annunciator LEDs.

7-Segment display for BAT indicator.

USB 2.0 compliant connection for control interface

All buttons and dual rotary knobs are close to real overhead.

It is fully compatible with Airbus Series Evolution Vol.1 (Wilco Publishing) and A320 Aerosoft Airbus X Extended for Microsofts Flight Simulator X.

Its compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8


Width: 41.5cm / 16.3

Height: 4.5cm / 1.8

Length: 35.5cm / 14

Weight : 3KG (W.O/Stand) 4KG (W/Stand)

One year warranty

VRinsight V320 OVERHEAD.


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