F4F WILDCAT. ( Set 2 DVD's ).

Disc ONE:

Main Program - 43 minute original documentary detailing the life of the Wildcat and the men who fought it.

Slideshow - Over 150 spectacular photographs of the Wildcat, acquired in high resolution and kept digital to disc.

Disc TWO:

This disc contains archival footage of the F4F and FM-2 Wildcat as well as related subjects.


- F4F-3s of VF-6 on the USS Enterpise CV-6 in early 1942.

- F4F-4s of VF-2 practice landing aboard the USS Enterprise CV-6 in the Spring of 1942.

- VF-6 aboard USS Enterprise CV-6 in April of 1942. This is color footage taken during support of the Doolittle Raid.

- Thach & O'hare: publicity footage of Lt. Edward "Butch" O'Hare and LCDR John S. Thach and their F4F-3 Wildcats at Kaneohe Naval Air Station, 10 April 1942.

- Brand new F4F-4s and pilots attached to LCDR "Jimmy" Thach and VF-3 at Kaneohe Naval Air Station 5 May 1942. (audio: CMDR Tom Cheek who joined VF-3 before the Battle of Midway)

- F4F-4s of VF-6 aboard the USS Enterprise CV-6 prior to the Battle of Midway.

- F4F-4s of VF-8 aboard the USS Hornet CV-8 prior to the Battle of Midway. (color)

- Pilots of VF-3 and their F4F-4s aboard the USS Hornet CV-8 following the Battle of Midway. (color)

- F4F-4s of VF-6 aboard the USS Saratoga CV-3 at the end of 1942.

- VF-11 "Sundowners" and their F4F-4s at Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, 23 May 1943.


- FM-2s practice landing on the USS Charger CVE-30 in Chesapeake Bay, 11 March 1944.

- VC-6 practice take-offs and landings aboard the USS Kitkun Bay CVE-71 near San Diego, March 1944.

- FM-2s of VC-21 aboard the USS Marcus Island CVE-77, September 1944.

- USS Wake Island CVE 65 following a kamikaze attack, 3 April 1945. Color (audio: Aircraft Metalsmith Harold H. Kornmeyer who served onboard the Wake Island.)


- Grumman XF2F-1 prototype during carrier trials aboard the USS Saratoga CV-3, 1934.

- VF-6 landing (and crashing) Grumman F3F-2s aboard the USS Enterprise CV-6, 1939. (Plus one USMC F3F-2).

- VF-6 F3Fs again, 1940.

- Color footage of F2A-3s landing on the USS Lexington CV-2 near California, October 1941.


- USS Lexington CV-2 under attack by Japanese land based G4M "Betty" bombers, 20 February 1942.

- USS Yorktown CV-5 during the Battle of Midway, 4 June 1942.

- USS Enterprise CV-6 takes two bomb hits during the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, 24 August 1942.

- USS Hornet CV-8 under attack during the Battle of Santa Cruz Islands, 26 October 1942.

- John Ford's color film compiled of footage taken before, during, and after the Battle of Midway.


- Video footage (from many angles) of the National Museum of Naval Aviation's F4F-3.


- Footage of two F4F-4s being towed IN FLIGHT by an A-20.


- Computer generated 2D visual explanation of John Thach's "beam defense" popularly known as the "Thach Weave".

This disc set is constructed from film and photographic materials from the National Archives, the National Museum of Naval Aviation, the Naval Historical Center, and the Marine Corps Historical Center (unless otherwise noted).

Special thanks to Colonel Denis "Deej" Kiely, USMC (ret), Commander Ken Snyder, USN (ret), Aircraft Ordinance Chief Gene Stroh, and Hill Goodpseed from the National Museum of Naval Aviation. Thanks to Commander Tom Cheek, USN (ret) and AM Harold H. Kornmeyer for lending their voices to the program. Thanks to the staff of the Moving Pictures and Photographic divisions at the National Archives facility College Park, Maryland. Thanks to Ms. Lena M. Kaljot at the Marine Corps Historical Center. Thanks to artist Marc Stewart for the use of his artwork. Thanks to Andy and Barry Lipnick, Chris Bucholz, and Kenneth Viall, Jr. for contributions. And thanks to Brian Ludden for technical assistance and Bill Bosworth.

F4F WILDCAT. ( Set 2 DVD's ).

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