TEST PREP 2019: REMOTE PILOT. Study & Prepare.

Operating a drone for non-hobby operations requires a Remote Pilot Certificate. You must successfully complete the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Knowledge Exam to earn a Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) rating. This book is your key to success.

Rely on the time-proven and dependable ASA Test Prep Series to prepare for your FAA Knowledge Exam. Test material is expertly organized into chapters based on subject matter and includes instructional material, questions, answer stems, correct answers, explanations, and references for further study. This topical study promotes understanding and aids recall to provide an efficient study guide. When youre done studying, take practice tests with ASAs online simulated testing program at no additional cost!

ASA's Remote Pilot Test Prep is the best resource for successful test-taking and safe small UAS operations

Use Test Prep 2019: Remote Pilot for the following Knowledge Exam:

Test Prep UAS Features

- Questions included for the Unmanned Aircraft General--Small (UAG) FAA Knowledge Exam

- Questions supported with explanations for correct and incorrect answers

- FAA references for further study identified in every explanation

- Organized by subject with introductory text for efficient and logical study

- Remote Pilot Certificate with sUAS rating requirements explained in detail

- 5 Free online practice tests

- Test-taking tips

- Free online updates and free subscription service to stay informed of test changes

Pass your test and know what is essential to become a safe, competent pilot-from the most trusted source in aviation training.

FAA documents and other resources for Remote Pilots

- UAS Regulations: 14 CFR Part 107, 48.

- UAS Advisory Circular (AC 107-2) and other resources.

- UAS Airman Certification Standards: ACS-10.

- UAS Knowledge Test Guide: FAA-G-8082-20.

- Remote Pilot Study Guide: FAA-G-8082-22.

- Existing Part 61 pilot UAS Certification & Recurrency Exam: Search Course ALC-451.

- UAS FAA Knowledge Exam Figures: CT-8080-2H.

- Flying in the Wire Environment (SAFO 10015)

UAS Pilots Code.

- Drone Operation Guidance.

- Geological Risk Survey (Download).

- A Guide to Drone Safety.

TEST PREP 2019: REMOTE PILOT. Study & Prepare.

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