ROADS & RIVERS OF EUROPE. (PC CD-ROM Expansion for Flight Simulator 2004).

- A unique expansion for the virtual pilot that puts the roads, rivers and coastlines of Europe in their proper place in Flight Simulator 2004. Using high-quality in-car NAVTEQ GPS navigation data, Roads & Rivers of Europe maps major and minor roads as well as motorways, autoroutes and autobahns. The accuracy doesn't stop with tarmac - all the major rivers, inlets and coastlines are also correctly positioned, while lakes and other water features missing from the default scenery are replaced. Virtual pilots can now find their way across Europe using the same important landmarks as their real-world counterparts.

When pilots fly cross-country they use a range of landmarks on the ground to help them find their way and pinpoint their position. The most distinctive of these are roads, rivers and coastlines, but in Flight Simulator 2004 these simply aren't reproduced accurately enough to allow them to be used for navigation.

All this is about to change thanks to Roads & Rivers of Europe, which updates the scenery of Europe with a set of accurately placed roads, rivers and coastlines that are positioned to within 15 metres of the real thing.

Roads & Rivers of Europe covers the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal and the United Kingdom

- Detailed and complex road intersections are modelled

- Main roads in cities are included

- The size of roads varies according to their real world classification

- Road bends and junctions accurately shown

- The course and size of major rivers are accurately depicted .

System Requirements

Flight Simulator 2004


512Mb RAM

32Mb 3D graphics card

Windows XP

500Mb free hard drive space

DVD-ROM drive.

ROADS & RIVERS OF EUROPE. (PC CD-ROM Expansion for Flight Simulator 2004).

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