TRACK IR 5 PRO. Headtracker.

The best headtracking game controller ever designed. Precisely control your in-game view with your actual head movement.

Hyper accurate, fully adjustable, and only three square inches in sizeTrackIR 5 is the one piece of kit that discriminating gamers crave. Take advantage of our 6 DOF head tracking technology, which links your actual movement in three-dimensional space to your in-game view!

Product Features:

- Support for over 100 games/sims

- 10x TrackIR 4 resolution (video)

- Wider field of view than TrackIR 4

- Hyper fast 120 fps sample rate

- 6 DOF vector technology

- Improved ambient light filtering

- Detachable magnetic base

System Requirements:

- 1 GHz processor

- USB 1.1 or 2.0 port

- Windows XP or Vista

- Range 2 to 5 ft (61 cm to 152 cm)


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TRACK IR 5 PRO. Headtracker.

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