AIRPLANE STABILITY AND CONTROL. Second Edit. A History of the Technologies That

From the early machines to today's sophisticated aircraft, stability and control have always been crucial considerations. In this second edition, Abzug and Larrabee again forge through the history of aviation technologies to present an informal history of the personalities and the events, the art and the science of airplane stability and control. The book includes never-before-available impressions of those active in the field, from pre-Wright brothers airplane and glider builders through to contemporary aircraft designers. Arranged thematically, the book deals with early developments, research centers, the effects of power on stability and control, the discovery of inertial coupling, the challenge of stealth aerodynamics, a look toward the future, and much more. It is profusely illustrated with photographs and figures, and includes brief biographies of noted stability and control figures along with a core bibliography. Professionals, students, and aviation enthusiasts alike will appreciate this readable history of airplane stability and control.


- A comprehensive yet utterly readable history of aviation technology

- Includes computer-oriented stability and control teaching methods

- Includes new developments in propulsion-controlled aircraft, fly-by-wire technology, redundancy management, applications, and safety.

Table of Contents

1. Early developments in stability and control

2. Research centers and texts

3. Flying qualities becomes a science

4. Power effects on stability and control

5. Managing control forces

6. Stability and control at the design stage

7. The jets at an awkward age

8. The discovery of inertial coupling

9. Spinning and recovery

10. Tactical airplane maneuverability

11. High mach number difficulties

12. Naval aircraft problems

13. Ultra-light and human-powered airplanes

14. Fuel slosh, deep stall, and more

15. Safe personal airplanes

16. Stability and control issues with variable sweep

17. Modern canard configurations

18. Evolution of the equations of motion

19. The elastic airplane

20. Stability augmentation

21. Flying qualities research moves with the times

22. Challenge of stealth aerodynamics

23. Very large aircraft

24. Work still to be done

Short biographies of some stability and control figures

References and core bibliography.

AIRPLANE STABILITY AND CONTROL. Second Edit. A History of the Technologies That

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Malcolm J.Abzug/E. Eugene
Cambridge Aerospace Series
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