RUSSIAN AIR POWER. Current Organisation and Aircraft of all Russian Air Forces.

This comprehensive new book describes the current state of Russias military air assets the Air Force/Air Defence Force, the Naval Aviation, the air arms of the Border Guards, the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Interior (the police).

The book details the Russian Air Forces current order of battle, starting with the top command (the Air Force Chief of Staff) and down to the operational regiments and squadrons. It also includes descriptions and specifications of the Russian Air Forces and the Russian Navys main fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft combat aircraft, transports and special-mission aircraft (reconnaissance, electronic warfare etc.) The book also provides details of the missile and bomb armament carried by Russian combat aircraft today.Much attention is given to the Russian Air Forces day-to-day operations, with reports of major exercises that have taken place in recent years involving the Air Force.

The book features a wealth of colour photographs and is also illustrated by maps, charts, line drawings and data tables. Also included are colour side views of aircraft currently in service with the Russian Air Force and Russian Navy, such as the Mikoyan MiG-29 and Sukhoi Su-27 fighters, the MiG-31 heavy interceptor and many more important types and variants. The book also includes portraits of leading Russian Air Force commanders and notable military pilots, such as Gen. Aleksandr Kharchevskiy, Commander of the Lipetsk Flight Test Centre, who took President Vladimir Putin on an express inspection trip to Chechnya in a Su-27UB combat trainer.

550 colour photographs, 200 colour profiles with 120 regiment and squadron badges.

RUSSIAN AIR POWER. Current Organisation and Aircraft of all Russian Air Forces.

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