SUKHOI Su-27SM "Flanker B" Mod. I Red 76, Russian Air Force, 2016 a 1/72.


Serie limitada a 500 unidades.


True 1/72 scale.

Professionally painted.

Great attention to detail.

All markings are Tampoed (pad applied).

Option to display the model on a stand that is provided.

Model can be shown with the landing gear in the down or up


Canopy can be displayed open or closed.

Pilot figure included.

Extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic.

Highly collectable.


The Su-27S (NATO reporting name – Flanker) is a single-seat highly-maneuverable fighter aircraft built by Sukhoi Design Bureau as the Soviet response to the U.S. F-14 and F-15 and entered service in 1985. The primary role of the Su-27 was to provide defense against American bombers, USN ships and provide Soviet bomber escorts.

There have been many improvements over the years resulting in numerous variants of the Su-27. The export variant, the Su-27SK was sold to China and eventually developed into the license-built Shenyang J-11.

Between 2004 – 2009 54 Su-27S and P variants were upgraded to Su-27SM (serial

modernization). The upgrade included a better fire control system; new radar with a phased array antenna that allowed for an air-to-surface mode and a larger assortment of armament. Three MFD (multi-function displays), a HUD; a new self-defense system along with satellite communications gave an extended life to the Su-27s but are now being replaced by the Su-35. As new Su-35s arrived at Dzemgi IAP the 12 Su-27SMs were transferred with Red 76 RF-95261 going to the Besovets IAP.

Aircraft Type         Su-27

Manufacturer        Sukhoi OKB

Role        Multi-role Air Superiority Fighter

Crew        1


Maximum Length        21.935 m  (71.96 ft)

Wingspan        14.7 m   (48.2 ft)

Height        5.932 m  (19.45 ft)


Empty        16,300 kg  (35,935 lbs)

Normal Takeoff        23,000 kg  (50,706 lbs)

Maximum Takeoff        28,000 kg  (61,730 lbs)


Engines      2 X Saturn/Lyul'ka AL-31F afterburning turbofans

Dry Thrust Per Engine      75.22 kN  (16,910 lbf)

Afterburner Thrust Per Engine      122.6 kN  (27,560 lbf)

Fuel Capacity      11,975 l   (3,163 U.S. Gallons)

Maximum Speed @ Altitude      2,500 km/h  (1,553.43 mph)

Maximum Speed @ Sea Level       1,400 km/h  (870 mph)

Maximum Mach      2.35

Service Ceiling      18,500 m  (60,696 ft)

Range @ High Altitude      3,900 km  (2,423 miles)

Range @ Sea Level      1,400 km  (870 miles)

Maximum G-Load      .9

Takeoff Run      650 m  (2,132 ft)


Gun    1 X 30 mm GSh-301 Cannon with 149 Rounds

Hardpoints    8 X External Plus 2 X Wingtip Rails


Air-To-Air      R-60/AA-8 Aphid, R-27/AA-10 Alamo,R-73/AA-11 Archer, R-33/AA-9


Air-To-Ground      NONE

Bombs      Dumb, Cluster

Pods      Rocket and ECM

SUKHOI Su-27SM "Flanker B" Mod. I Red 76, Russian Air Force, 2016 a 1/72.

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