INSIDE AVIATION PHOTOGRAPHY. Techniques for: In the Air - On the Ground.

Aviation Photography for Everybody, by photographer Chad Slattery, includes over 120 images of planes, corporate jets, experimental, and aerospace crafts with explanations about the machines and how he photographed them. Chad Slattery, based in Los Angeles, specializes in aviation & aerospace photography shooting, digital imaging, and post production for aviation and aerospace companies. His extensive experience photographing air-to-air and lighting of crafts has attracted the industry giants. His corporate clients include the business jet community, from manufacturers to brokers: Boeing, Dassault, Embrarer, HondaJet, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Orbital Sciences. He serves as contributing editor at Air & Space/Smithsonian magazine, and is regularly published in Aviation Week, AOPA Pilot, Business Jet Traveler, Executive Controller, Pro Pilot, and Volare magazines.He is skilled in both Astrovision and Vectorvision Learjet air-to-air platforms.He co-founded ISAP: the International Society for Aviation Photography.

His lighting and Photoshop techniques are a large part of business jet photography for manufacturers, brokers, charter operators, and completion shops. He is a member of NBAA, AOPA, ISAP, SoCal Aviation Association, and the Aero Club of Southern California. The book's amazing image collection includes film stars, aerospace and aviation personalities, notable planes, jets, luxury and experimental craft. His subjects are in the air, on the ground, interiors and exteriors.

INSIDE AVIATION PHOTOGRAPHY. Techniques for: In the Air - On the Ground.

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