NAKAJIMA B5N1 Type 97 Attack Bomber Kate Usa Naval Flying Group 1943-44 a 1/72.

A escala 1/72 verdadera.

Pintado profesionalmente con gran atención a los detalles. Todas las marcas e insignias aplicadas con precisión.

Opción para mostrar el avión en la peana que se suministra junto al modelo.

El modelo se puede mostrar con el tren de aterrizaje bajado o plegado.

Las cargas de armamento se proporcionan junto algunos modelos y pueden ser colocadas o no.

Incluye figura del piloto.

Modelo realizado en metal con sólo algunas pequeñas piezas de plástico.

Coleccionable junto a otros modelos de la misma escala.

The Nakajima B5N1 first flew in January 1937 and soon saw combat during the Sino-Japanese War that revealed several flaws. 1939 saw the introduction of the B5N2 with a larger engine and several modifications compared to the B5N1. Rather than add heavy armor to protect the crew it was hoped that the new aircraft would be faster and better able to take on the USA aircraft so by 1943 some B5N1s were relegated to flight training at Usa Air Base on Kyushu.

When Japan entered WWII the B5N Kate was the standard torpedo bomber and sank more Allied ships than any other type of Japanese aircraft. B5N2's played the main role in sinking the carrier Lexington at Coral Sea,Yorktown at Midway and Hornet at the Battle of Santa Cruz in October 1942. There were 1,150 B5N1 and B5N2 Torpedo Bombers produced but by 1944 the Kate had been replaced by the B6N "Jill". The Kate ended its service being used for Kamikaze attacks leaving no surviving examples.

NAKAJIMA B5N1 Type 97 Attack Bomber Kate Usa Naval Flying Group 1943-44 a 1/72.

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