- Combining the considerable respective expertise of Triant Flouris and Dennis Lock, this unique book highlights the ways that successful businesses are managed in the aviation industry through the identification and application of proven project management methods. Theoretical concepts are defined, clarified and shown how they can be valuable to business managers and students of the aviation business sector. Aviation Project Management builds on the successful and popular work of Dennis Lock but is considerably enhanced by applications, examples, illustrations and case examples pertaining to projects exclusively from the aviation industry.

Theory in the project management field is already well evolved, so the purpose of this book is not to review that theory but rather to demonstrate how the lessons of theory can be of practical use to aviation students and business managers. It provides a practical guide to those interested in how projects are managed and the common mistakes that aviation project managers should avoid.

Contents: Foreword: Preface: Introduction to aviation project management: Defining the project task: Estimating the project costs: Risk: Organizing the project: Compiling the work breakdown structure: Planning the aviation project timescale: Scheduling project resources: Implementing the plan: Managing purchasing, the supply chain and aviation project materials: Managing changes: Managing costs: Earned value analysis and cost reporting: Project closure and post-project activities: Bibliography: Index.

About the Author: Dr. Triant Flouris is Dean of the School of Aviation Sciences and professor of Aviation Management at Daniel Webster College. He is the author of numerous journal articles and several books and a well known global expert on aviation management.

Dennis Lock is a prolific full-time writer and has edited, co-authored or written more than 30 books. Dennis is a Fellow of the Association for Project Management, Fellow of the Institute of Management Services and a Member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Reviews: 'Triant Flouris and Dennis Lock have made an important contribution to the literature with their new book, Aviation Project Management. The planners, designers and builders of many airport and other infrastructure megaprojects around the world would have benefitted enormously had it been available earlier, and billions of dollars of delays and cost overruns likely would have been avoided. The book will also be of interest to airframe and engine manufacturers, and airline executives, as well as students of aviation business and management, for it offers perceptive insights into strategic and tactical planning and decision making.

Paul Stephen Dempsey, McGill University, Canada

'The challenge in the aviation business has always been to continually reinvent itself to meet competitive challenges. In order to do that, it takes change which must be managed at the project level. Aviation Project Management provides a cogent approach and definitive tools for the practitioner in aviation, providing the "how to", but most importantly, the "why" of change. It is a must read for every leader in aviation.'

Captain Dave Bushy, Chief Operating Officer of Cape Air/ Nantucket Airlines and Former President of Aviation Accreditation Board International

'Triant Flouris and Dennis Lock offer sound advice for all project decision-makers: "Don't fly by the seat of your pants". Their book leads the reader through the essentials of sound project management, with plenty of emphasis on the wide variety of project types in the aviation industry. The differing worlds of equipment manufacturers, airports, airlines and infrastructure providers are all examined through examples and case studies. The authors do much more than merely address the basics of the subject. They particularly emphasise, for example, the importance of the risk assessment, cost management, the all-important human element and what they term the "greedy function" of purchasing. The book demystifies project management in a revealing manner and will undoubtedly come to be regarded as a standard, and highly accessible, work on the subject.'

Paul Clark, Director - IATA Training and Development Institute

'Aviation Project Management, which covers every aspect of project management from major stages of initiation, planning or development, production or execution, maintenance and controlling, and closing, will have enormous impact on adding value and bringing about beneficial change to airport capital plans by helping project managers achieve each project's goals and objectives while also confronting the many constraints on their attainment.'

Bill DeCota, Director of Aviation, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, USA

'Clearly there is a need for more and better aviation project management training and education. This important new book will help to redress that deficiency with its clearly explained and well-illustrated account of the essential elements of the project management process, particularly as it applies to aviation projects.'

From the Foreword, by Robert Milton, Chairman, President and CEO of ACE Aviation Holdings Inc.


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