BEYOND FLIGHT TRAINING. Adventures and opportunities for the newly certificated

Earning the Private Pilot license is a great achievementnow, expand your initial schooling to go Beyond Flight Training. The real excitement begins when the flight instructor lets go of your hand and youre left to set your own goals and create your own motivations.

Veteran pilot and instructor LeRoy Cook shows you what lies beyond flight school. In these pages, hell guide you into areas of aviation your instructors might not have mentioned. Things like planning your first cross-country flying vacationor sharpening your weather forecasting skillsor pursuing advanced endorsements and ratings.

Beyond Flight Training will show you how to:

- Grow as a pilot, beyond the checkride

- Purchase your first airplane

- Test-hop a new or rebuilt plane

- Organize or join a flying club

- Handle unfamiliar airports and airspace, not seen in training

- Take care of family and first-time passengers

- Cope with the changing seasons and marginal weather

- Upgrade to specialized flying, like high-performance, complex, tailwheel and aerobatic aircraft

- Prepare for advanced pilot certifications

In print for more than 30 years, this 4th Edition of Beyond Flight Training (previously published as 101 Things To Do With Your Private License) is packed with new ways to sharpen your skills and make every flying hour rewarding. An ideal gift for a student pilots or graduates of flight training programs!

BEYOND FLIGHT TRAINING. Adventures and opportunities for the newly certificated

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