AIR TRAVEL TALES FROM THE FLIGHT CREW. The Plane Truth at 35,000 Feet.

Air travel may be crazy on the ground for passengers, but what's it really like at 35,000 feet for the cabin crew? How safe, for example, are you when you fly? Is airport security as good as they claim? Why are you more susceptible to the effects of alcoholic beverages when flying high? How common is the "Mile High Club"?

Author of The Plane Truth: Shift Happens at 35,000 Feet, a very Frank Steward answers these questions and countless more in this revealing book. You encounter a kaleidoscope of personalities and experiences, including an enterprising stowaway rate, a woman who discarded all of her clothes, a widow with her husband's ashes, a child who cuts the hair of a sleeping passenger, crew members' fertility problems, itchy and riotous layovers, and mass food poisoning 90 minutes from the nearest airport!

Tucked among the stories is a trunkload of tips and advice on making the best of air travel, including how to:

- Overcome the fear of flying

- Upgrade your seat

- Fly standby and save bundles of money

- Decipher what crew members say

- Minimize the effects of jet lag

Appropriately dedicated to "the people who smile and thank you for your trash," this eye-opening book puts a whole new face on the travel industry. You will laugh and cry and at times grimace, but you'll also discover a rich tapestry of people who populate those crammed seats, crowded aisles, and tiny restrooms. When you travel with A. Frank Steward, you'll see through the eyes of the cabin crew what air travel is all about - transporting interesting, and often very demanding, strangers from one destination to another.

AIR TRAVEL TALES FROM THE FLIGHT CREW. The Plane Truth at 35,000 Feet.



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