Vuela - Vuela. Pack de OVO-04 y Boeing 737-800-NG

Take out that pilot you have inside!!

Fly like air professionals, take to the skies!!

Start your day with a visual flight and end it high in the sky

Let your imagination fly and visit unique cities

This flight simulation experience consists of two parts:

In the first part you will pilot a MOONEY BRAVO with movement for an hour and you will be able to feel the G force during the flight

You will take off, land and plan your Visual flight

In the second part, you participate in an instrument flight in the Boeing 737-800-NG for an hour with its departure and arrival charts and approach. You will learn how to configure the flight computer of the 737 and how to plan the entire flight plan.

You will take off manually and you will control the Lateral Navigation, Vertical Navigation and the ILS landing procedures

Remember you will be the commander during the entire flight and in your hands will be the responsibility of your passengers and staff on board

Welcome aboard captain!!!!!!

Vuela - Vuela. Pack de OVO-04 y Boeing 737-800-NG


2h de vuelo totales.

1h en simulador OVO 04 + 1h de vuelo en simulador Boeing 737



Añade tu artículo al CARRITO y haz clic en PASAR POR CAJA y si tu compra supera los 90€ tendrás la opción de seleccionar el número de plazos a pagar


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