Información del producto "X-Plane 12"

X-Plane 12 is the latest version in the flight simulator series for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. In this simulator, there is a whole world to discover. Thanks to its open structure, all users and enthusiasts can change every single part of it and adapt it to their preferences.

In X-Plane 12, every major aspect of how Laminar Research simulates the world and its effects on aviation has been rewritten based on first-principles physics and real-world data with tireless pursuit of realism.

Try the demo version here: https://www.x-plane.com/desktop/try-it/


Photometric Lighting Engine

Light brightness, intensity, spread, and more – all computed in real time with the laws of physics.

3D Water

Gorgeous global water rendering, complete with wave height controls and floatplane interaction based on feedback from expert pilots.

Seasonal Effects

Tree colour and leaf coverage vary to show season – snow accumulates, too!

Tropical Water Colors

Gorgeous, geographically-aware water colours.

3D Forests and Vegetation

Large variety of 3D trees with variation of species, size, and seasonal effects. They even sway in the wind.

Ambient Sounds

The entire world now comes to life with FMOD sound – birds in the forest, cars in the cities and of course, ground service vehicles.


X-Plane 12 includes detailed 3-D scenery for more than 17,000 airports around the world – all with new ground textures, towers and pavement effects to enhance realism.

Tower Kit

Custom suite of endless control tower variation, easy to use for maximal realism.

Animated Jetways

Jetways move to meet your aircraft when parked at the gate.

Localized ATC Procedures/Voices

Air Traffic Control follow regional procedures and accents around the world.

Pavement Effects

Airport artists can choose from a library of pavement effects to perfectly capture the look-and-feel of airports by setting level of cracking, oil spills, pavement material, and more.


Volumetric 3D Clouds

Immersive clouds to fully capture the sensation of flight.

Real Weather

Proprietary algorithms to turn data from the real world into X-Plane weather.

Wake Turbulence

Powerful streams of upset air left in the atmosphere by other aircraft – just like real life.


Small, powerful downdrafts – perfectly modelled with pilot training in mind.


Terrain-generated updrafts that allow gilders to gain altitude without a tow plane.

Snow, Rain and Ice Accumulation

Precipitation now accumulates on surfaces, freezing or thawing based on temperature.


Cessna Citation X

Cirrus SR22

Grumman F-14 Tomcat

Lancair Evolution

Piper PA-18 Super Cub

Robinson R22 Beta II

Vans Aircraft RV-10

Airbus A330-300

Cessna 172SP

Aero-Works Aerolite 103

Boeing 737-800

Beechcraft King Air C90

Beechcraft Baron 58

Cirrus Vision SF50

McDonnell Douglas MD-80

Schleicher ASK 21

Sikorsky S-76

Stinson L-5 Sentinel




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